Jan 1 2016 Grouper Season is Re-open

The New Year was ushered in with balmy temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s. Water temps are hovering around 77-78 degrees in Pine Island sound.

Red grouper was closed in early October as the catch quota limit was reached early. The clock started again on Jan 1.

This Gag Grouper made its presence known, caught by an Hudson, on leave from the Air Force.

gag grouper captiva

Captiva Gag Grouper by Hudson. Air Force Serviceman on leave.

Unfortunately Gag season is not schedule to reopen until July 2nd as stocks are rebuilt.� Most guides will tell you that they are already rebuilt.� This one swam away happily and will be waiting for us in July.

Contact Capt Paul for a Red Grouper trip while they are in close for the winter.